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fever_fiction sixth sense


Current Project
Comic | Supernatural mystery and Drama

after school

Visual Novel | Friendship and coming-of-age

fever_fiction after school
fever_fiction deuce


Short story | Mecha, action and romance


On Hold
Cell-phone novel | Crime and romance

fever_fiction criminal



As I'm currently working on a comic project, I will only be taking on a few commissions at a time.
Please check the front page of my carrd.co or my Twitter/Instagram for whether slots are open.

Here is the commission type I currently offer. More information is available on the form link.
Please use them to submit a commission request if you're interested! All payments are made through Paypal.
Feel free to message me about any additional questions.

illustration COMMISSIONS

• Digital illustration commissions
• 1 character + simple background
• Additional costs apply for any extra character and background detail
• All commissions will be delivered at approx 2480x2480px



• Digital B&W commissions drawn as a 16:9 screencap
• 1 waist-up character + background
• Additional costs apply for any extra character and background detail
• All commissions will be delivered at 3840 × 2160px



fever_fiction after school

AFTER SCHOOL is a visual novel game with a focus on friendship and coming-of-age.
Play as Ellis and explore multiple character routes and their stories.

More information and download on itch.io
Released in June 2019



Playlists for Characters (opens in spotify)

Soundtrack playlist (on Spotify)


Hal thinks music is a form of catharsis. Nathaniel does, too. But writing a song together becomes complicated when Nathaniel meets a supernatural entity in the woods. Why have they appeared and why does it feel deeply personal?

SIXTH SENSE is a supernatural mystery and drama comic. Read it online on Tapas and Webtoon.



"They say he must be charmed,
they say he must be crazy."

Jason Byers, guitarist of a rising band, drops everything and runs away with a petty thief, Sadie Hart. Entangled in a murder that sends them running across the country, the pair sink into crime and Jason finds himself caught in the spell of a dark, destructive romance.


A story told in 2 parts:

Officer Nathaniel Blair is assigned to pilot the combat mech Deimos, after its former pilot, Lieutenant Halden Crowe, is severely injured. The two train together, forming an easy bond in the midst of a growing battlefield.

Then Nathaniel leaves for their first mission. They encounter Lisa Yu, an enemy pilot. Through a series of turbulent circumstances, Nathaniel learns of an unexpected truth.

Read on:

Repost rules

Screencaps of Sixth Sense and After School can be reposted on social media, etc. but MUST include:
• Series name ('Sixth Sense' or 'After school')
• Artist handle (@FEVER_FICTION), tagging is not required
• OR Link to original work

• DO NOT claim them to be your work or characters
• Sharing or reposting of entire chapters to other platforms is not allowed.

Reposting of other artwork such as illustration, sketches, etc. is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED
• Please use the 'retweet' or 'share to story' on Twitter and Instagram
• OR share the link of the original post